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Meet The Grey Squirrel

I'll fill in a couple of the blanks for you here.

Wonder Mom, Richmond ComicCon

My mind is a lot like luggage claim: I need to grab a thought as soon as I see it or it may disappear forever into the maze behind my eyes.

I think best through my fingers, so it's probably good that I know how to type really fast.

I am a homeschooler, ergo, so many books.

Lord beer me strength, but I have been a member of the Republican Party since 2000 and have held party offices from the local level all the way up to the state governing body. I have been on the paid staff and the volunteer staffs of dozens of campaigns. The first campaign I ever worked on was McCain for President, and I am deeply concerned that we have moved away from our roots and core platform towards a cult of personality centered on one man.

I am a pro-life (not just pro-birth) advocate, a mother, and an adoption advocate having adopted 2 of my 4 children. My two adopted children are African American, and I readily and joyfully concede that raising them has changed my viewpoint on several issues.

I support my friends in the LGBTQ+ community and can not understand how the love between two consenting adults can be a sin. Mark 12:31, 1 Corinthians 13:13

I am a staunch defender of the Oxford comma, and I have a collection of 42 nativities that I put up every Christmas. I can't stand watching sports on television and think that Galls-Peter Projection Map has a lot of merit. I'm a Scorpio, a lover of Rom-Com movies, a Christian, and a huge fan of seaweed salad. Also, I will stand up to prejudice, bigotry, and misogyny anywhere I see it.

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