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I Got My First Rejection Letter, and It Was Great!

Today, I received my first rejection letter, and it made me incredibly happy. I'm not some sort of sadist. I didn't love the fact that the agent decided to pass on my book, but I was happy that she took an interest in it and that she gave me some really helpful notes on how I could improve my manuscript.

More than that however, the rejection letter reminded me that I had put myself out there. It's not a risk without the potential for loss, and I recognized that potential the moment I hit send on that e-mail. But I hit send anyway. The rejection letter is the proof that I took the risk.

For a long time, the potential of missing the proverbial trapeze bar while flying through open space kept me on my tiny platform of fear clinging to the steady support of the big top. I was so focused on timing my jump, that the bar would swing back and forth empty and useless. This time I jumped and grabbed the empty air. I guess that's why nets bounce, so you can get up and try again.

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