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Nothing But Questions

Who is your post for?

Do you think the President will see it? Do you think that his advisors will see it?

Do you think the Speaker of the House will see that meme? How about other members of Congress? Are they going to see your post?

Which of the 100 members of the Senate do you think will be affected by the caricature you shared? Will the Majority Leader see the unflattering picture you posted and change his behavior? Will the Minority Leader suddenly support your views because of the blog post you shared?

What do you hope to accomplish with your post?

Do you hope to change people’s opinions?

Has anyone ever been insulting into change?

Do you think your cousin is going to be swayed by a meme?

Do you believe that a political cartoon is going to reshape the belief of your friend from college?

What is your goal when you belittle others in the comments section? Who is your audience? The author? The subject of the article? Other commenters?

Are you building or destroying? Are you uniting people or tearing them apart?

Are you speaking to make yourself feel better or to help others? Is your focus inward or outward?

What do you imagine is the reaction to your post? Do you picture those agree with you slapping their knees, laughing, and hooting, “That right”? Do you imagine those who disagree with you sucking in their bottom lip and feeling small? Maybe you think of them getting angry? Why are they angry? How does their anger or sadness make you feel?

Do you consider your posts cruel? Do you consider them kind? Do you consider them funny? Are you laughing at people or with them?

Do you wonder what people think about you when they see your posts? Do you wonder what people who care about you but don’t agree with you think about when they see your posts? Do you think that they would ever say anything to you about it? Do you think you will know before they walk away?

Would you say these things to people’s faces? Would you have ten years ago? 20 years ago? Has something changed? Is it the world or you?

What do you imagine the world will be like in ten years? Will it be more in line with your views? Will it be farther from your views? Will you feel more at peace with the world or more antagonistic towards it?

Is there a breaking point? Are there things that can not be said or written? Have these things changed over the years? Are we more or less careful with our words?

Would your past self be proud or surprised by what you post today? When you look through your past on social media, has the tone changed? Have the things you talk about changed? Did you seem happier then? Are you happier now?

Do you think I’m talking to you? Why? Are these questions directed at one side or the other? Did you like your answers to these questions? Did you feel attacked by them? Did you ask yourself why?

Again, who is your post for? What are you hoping to accomplish with your posts?

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