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We Live In Amazing Times!

Never forget! We live in amazing times!

I just read a German sewing blog, and I don't speak German. My computer translated it for me! I know that some people will say, "Duh, dummy, it does that now." But think about it. Two people, half a world away, who speak different languages, have different cultures, and who've never met are able to help each other out. Amazing!

Direct international calling wasn't even possible until 1963, and then you would have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it and it was only useful if you spoke German. And yet here I am, sitting in my pajamas, in my kitchen, during a pandemic, reading about a sewing project from a woman in Germany who doesn't speak English. Amazing!

Even though we may all feel isolated and alone, in some ways, we are more connected than ever, which is why this is so hard now. We move around our blue marble with such ease, that it's hard to just stay home. But if two sewing ladies a world apart can help each other out without leaving home, then we all do our part.

Try not to lose sight of what makes this an amazing time to live. Our now is not our forever. It will get better. Don't lose hope.

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